Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

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Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

Faculty for Technical Course (EE, AE, JE of PWD)

Sr. No. Topics Name of Faculty
1 Duties of Executive Engineers/ Assistant Engineers Sh. C. L. Verma S.E., PWD
2 A.RSR – Service Rules, Seniority & Pension Rules, B.GF & AR , PWF & A R. Sh. Mahesh Rajoria, HCM-RIPA
Sh. V. K. Parnami Retd. Sr. A.O.
3 Contract Agreements & its Importance Sh. Hoshyar Singh Punia, CAO
4 Right to Information Act Sh. J. K. Sachdeva
Dr. Jaibala
Sh. Anil Vijayvargiya
5 Income Tax and TDS Sh. G. K. Srivastav, Visiting Prof.,
HCM-RIPA, Jaipur
6 Motivation Sh. G. K. Srivastava Visiting Prof.,
HCM-RIPA, Jaipur
Sh. S. C. Gupta
7 Stress Management Sh. R. K.Chobisa HCM-RIPA
8 Monitoring Sh. Vinod Garg
Sh. Sharad Jain
9 Energy Conservation in Buildings Sh. R. S. Saxena
Sh. Bajrang Singh
10 Retro Fittings in Buildings, Damaged in Earthquakes Sh. S. D. Bharti, MNIT, Jaipur
11 Selection operation & Maintenance of Hot Mix plant, Road-Roller, Concrete Mix Plant, WMM plant, Paver Finisher Sh. A. C. Mathur
Sh. M. C. Sharma
12 Design, Construction & Maintenance of Flexible Pavements Sh. B. L. Rawat
Sh. C. K. Bafna, Retd, ACE, PWD
13 Design, Construction & Maintenance of Rigid Pavements Sh. Naresh Thakral
Dr. Arun Gaur, MNIT, jaipur
14 Concrete Mix Design/ Design of Gap Graded cement concrete Mixes Sh. P. R. Sharma
15 Road Safety and Road Safety Audi Sh. Deepak Gera
Sh. Naresh Thakral
16 Design of Bituminous Mix for BM, DBM, SDBC, BC etc. Sh. G. P. Sharma Retd.CE, PWD
Sh. B. L. Rawat, EE, PWD
Sh. C. K. Bafna, Retd ACE, PWD
17 Thin and Ultra Thin White Topping Sh. C. L. Verma SE, PWD
18 Land Acquisition Act Sh. R. S. Batra
Sh. Pankaj Ojha(RAS)
19 Litigations Sh. Rajendra Kedia
Sh. Ratanprakash Retd ADJ
Sh. Narendra Arya
20 Private Public partnership in Highway Projects Sh. Neeraj Jain
21 Team Sprit Sh. S. C. Gupta
22 Team Building Sh. S. C. Gupta
23 Presentation & Communication Skills Sh. S. C. Gupta
24 Good Governance Sh. A. K. Ojha HCM-RIPA
25 Earthquake / Disaster Management in Civil Engineering Projects Sh. S.D. Bharti Associate Prof. MNIT
Sh.V.K. Modi, AE, WRD
26 Contract Management, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration in Highway Projects Sh.Hoshyar Singh Punia, C.A.O.
Sh. Chiranjee Lal, Retd. Secy. PWD.
27 Latest Technology in Road sector
Latest Technology in Building Sector
Sh. J.K. Jain, Associate -Prof. MNIT
Sh. C. K .Bafna, Retd. ACE
Dr.A.K.Vyas, Prof. MNIT
Sh.B. L. Rawat
Dr. S. K. Tiwari, Asssociate Prof.
28 Globalization Dr. Satish Sharma
Sh. Sameer Chaturvedi
29 Leadership, Creating positive work culture Sh. S. C. Gupta Visiting Prof.
Sh. V. K. Jain, C.A.
30 Fixing Targets (Project Management) Sh.Vinod Garg
CEO, PROMAC Corp. Jaipur
31 New Tasks / Project Handling (Where no previous reference is available) Sh. K. C. Sharma, Retd S.E. PWD
Sh. B. L. Rawat
32 Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Sh. M. K. Shreemali Prof. Structural Engg. MNIT
Dr. Anurag Mishra
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