Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

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Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

Technical Course (EE, AE, JE of WRD)

  • Maintenance works for buildings, Roads, Dams, Canals & pipelines etc.
  • Soil properties for engineering purposes including investigation.
  • Preparation of project reports.
  • Preparation of estimates of various types of structures, Rate analysis, details of estimate
  • Application for remote sensing methods for project planning.
  • Hydrology - Yield Studies.
  • Estimation of peak floods.
  • Awareness about water availability and scarcity.
  • State water policy & priority of water utilisation.
  • Water logging and its remedial measures.
  • Selection of site and surveying for new irrigation projects.
  • Taking of dry bulk density regularly on earthen works.
  • Quality assurance on material and construction works.
  • Operation and maintenance of newly installed hydro metrological instruments in irrigation department.
  • Flood forecasting from newly installed software.
  • Use of Geo textile in civil engineering.
  • Inter state matters related to surface water in Rajasthan.
  • Earth quake and precaution. Disaster management.
  • Role of canals in ground water management.
  • Assumptions in canal design and its practical validity
  • Designs of canals, its operation and maintenance.
  • Management of canals and its information system.
  • Strategies to manage water.
  • Hydrology and Hydrogeology.
  • Role of Hydrogeology in dam construction.
  • G.I.S., Infrastructure mapping.
  • Disaster Management for WRD.
  • Foundation Treatment, I.S.456, Concrete Technology, Feasibility of W.H.S.
  • Ground Water Management, Artificial recharging.
  • Design of Irrigation Structures Bara Bandi.
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