Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

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Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

Refresher Course

Section - I

  • R.S.R. - General Conditions of Service, Leave etc., Subordinate Service rules, Pension rules, T.A. & Medical Rules etc. Procedure for Disciplinary Action, CCA Rules, Schedule of Power, Role & responsibilities of DDO.
  • Office procedure, Drafting and Noting
  • Land Acquisition Act & Rules.
  • GF & AR – Cash handling & custody of Cash, General Cash Accounts and Cash Book up keeping and balancing, Imprest & Temporary Advance, Schedule Of Power.
  • Right to Information Act and Rules.
  • Income Tax, TDS and GST.
  • RTPP Act-2012 & Rules -2013
  • Right to hearing and RGDP Act
  • DPC Procedure, Seniority List and Reservation as per Roster.
  • Litigation and Duties of O.I.C.
  • Earthquake and Disaster Management.
  • P.W. F&AR
  • Stress Management

Section - II

  • Miscellaneous Items :
    V.I.P. Visits, Maintenance of Dak Bungalow And Rest Houses, Annual Performance Appraisal Reports, Transfer of Charge, Inspection of Works, Tour Programs, Survey & Investigation Research, Nazul Properties, Naming of Roads, Topographical Maps, Safe Custody Of Restricted G.T. Sheets, Rain Gauges, Level Crossing, Monuments And Archaeological Building Works. Maintenance Works For Buildings / Roads / Water Structure / Dam / Filter Plants / Pipe Lines.
  • Quality Control :
    Need For Quality Control, various Equipment’s and Tests Required For Quality Control, Frequency For Test Acceptance Criteria For Various Works.
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