Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

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Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

Computer Course (EE, AE, JE of PWD, PHED and WRD)

Computer Fundamentals

Introduction to computers, Types of computers, Memory, Parts of computers, Hardware, Software, Application of computers.

Concept of Operating System Software

D.O.S, Windows, Windows – XP


Introduction to Windows -95/2007, Advantages of Windows -95/2007, Creating / Deleting Folders, Managing Files, Creating Shortcuts.


Introduction to Ms-Excel, Uses of Excel , Definitions of Worksheet, Rows, Columns, Cell, Cell Address etc., Creating / Opening Worksheets, Saving a Worksheets, Page Set-Up, How to enter a table in worksheet, Changing column width, Using Cut, Copy & Paste, Aligning Labels, Specifying Font And Font Size, Bold, Underline, Italics, Calculation With Numbers, Formatting Numbers: Currency sign, Decimal Places, % Sign, Sorting Data Of Worksheet, Specifying Headers & Footers. Using Following Functions: Mathematical, Statistical, Financial printing Worksheet, Using Graphs, Macro programming


Page Setup, Margins, Spelling check, Bold-Italics-Underline, Inserting objects, Pictures, Files in document, Preview, Cut - Copy - Paste, Saving a document and Opening a file, Creating Tables in a document and various Menus In Ms-Word.

Introduction to Internet & E-Mail

Power Point

Preparation of slides and slide show.

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