Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

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Director, Engineering Staff Training Institute

Technical Course (EE, AE, JE of PHED)

  • Design and Checking of Distribution Network by using Computer.
  • General methods for Laying, Jointing, Testing and Maintenance of all types of pipe lines.
  • Rain Water Harvesting and other structures for recharge of Ground Water.
  • Construction and Maintenance of Tube Well for Power Pumps and Drawdown Curve.
  • Construction and Maintenance of Hand-Pumps.
  • Types of Filters-Filtration Processes, O&M of Water Treatment Plants.
  • Water Quality Parameters and their-Health Aspect, Defloridation Technology.
  • Design of Water Retaining Structures-Anicuts, Tanks, Coffer-Dam, Diggi’s, Intake well etc.
  • Design and Maintenance of Pump and Motors.
  • Earthquake and Disaster Management.
  • Community Participation and Management of Water Supply.
  • Waste Water Treatment, Re-cycling of waste water and Waste Water reuse.
  • Ground Water Management and Artificial Recharge.
  • Water Pollution and its Prevention.
  • Performance parameter of scheme and actual performance, action required for bringing the performance to desire level.
  • Do’s and Don’t for preparation of Estimates.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Water Audit.
    • Introduction to Water Audit and its application.
    • Lecture on 24x7 Water Supply and its methodology.
    • Calibration of Source with Energy Consumption and details of measurement of Water Losses.
    • Leak Detection.
  • Investigation of parameters for non-performance of Scheme.
  • Tariff setting priorities and provisions.
  • Preparation of Consumer Data Base.
  • Asset Management.
  • GIS Planning and Management.
  • Meter Management (types of Meters, life etc.)
  • Sewerage/Drainage Planning and Design.
  • SCADA System Planning, Design and its Use.
  • Metering system/ Revenue Realization.
  • Sustainability of Water Sources (Safe Yield).
  • Recent Development in Water Treatment Technology.
  • Total Quality Management in Water Supply System.
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